PARK NOW is now available in Geneva

The number 1 parking application in Europe lands in Geneva and and makes citizens happy!


Geneva, October 10th, 2019 – After the successful roll-out of PARK NOW mobile parking payment in various key locations in Switzerland since 2016 and Zurich last April 2019, PARK NOW continues to write the future of parking in Switzerland, enabling residents and visitors to enjoy the benefits of a comfortable and stress-free parking experience.

The fastest growing cashless parking service app and n°1 application in Europe can attribute its remarkable growth to its intuitive mobile experience. With the PARK NOW app, users are in control of parking. Whether they need to change their vehicle information, download an invoice, update their personal information or need to search for parking, the PARK NOW application helps them to take away the stress of parking. When visiting a city, parking should be as convenient as possible. “We are delighted to offer this new stress-free parking experience to Geneva residents, local businesses and visitors, allowing them to move around the city get on with enjoying the rest of your day” explains Olivier Koch, Director of PARK NOW Switzerland. The backup of payment methods and pre-registration of license plates, instant geolocation, bookmark management and various customizable reminders are all advantages contributing to PARK NOW success worldwide.

To celebrate the roll-out of PARK NOW in Geneva and the new refreshed PARK NOW brand identity, the first registered customers will be able to test for free this new innovative and user-friendly parking service. They will also discover the new brand campaign though billboards, buses and online display, focusing on making users happy by streamlining their parking experience into something simple, quick and effortless.


A world of benefits just one click away

Simple to download, to register and to use, PARK NOW parking application will help Geneva inhabitants and visitors take the pain out of parking, all within a feeling of control.


PARK NOW is Cashless. Ticketless. Stress-free. Among some of the key benefits, users will be able to:

-Find the perfect parking space from their mobile;

-Pay for parking for the exact time they parked;

-Start and stop with no more overpaying, saving time and money and without having to go to the parking meter;

-Pay without cash and extend the parking time without having to go back to the car;

-Opt-in for reminders to make the most of the app;

-Benefit automatically from the free parking period, without having to select a dedicated zone code

By providing excellent added value to both cities and end users, the app enables municipalities to enter the digitization era offering new ways of parking. Geneva residents, local businesses and visitors all need to be catered for the efficient and fair management of traffic flows across the metropolis. PARK NOW offers them the peace of mind of stress-free parking.

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PARK NOW has one goal: to revolutionize the parking industry by making it enjoyable, easy and hassle-free.

Since its founding in 2000 the PARK NOW Group has been the leading provider in the world for on-demand mobile payments for on- and off-street parking. We make parking smarter, simpler and effortless for drivers and operators, so that everyone can enjoy a delightful mobility experience whilst making our cities cleaner, healthier and more livable. Parking is not the end of a journey but the start of one. Our integrated parking solutions, also available in car, are used in more than 1.000 cities around the world and by more than 30 million users. Since February 2019 PARK NOW is part of the NOW Group (, a joint venture between BMW Group and Daimler, which is aiming to become the number 1 in innovative mobility solutions across the world. “We are combining our strengths to give people back their freedom and to give cities room to breathe again. Millions of registered users use our combined services in thousands of locations around the world” says Marc de Vries, CEO of the PARK NOW Group.

  • PARK NOW, a brand of the BMW Group and Daimler AG, is an intuitive application that offers residents or visitors a connected and smoother parking experience.
  • The application won the Grand Prize for Intertraffic Innovation 2018 and winner of the Smart Mobility category.
  • The PARK NOW service is available in 11 countries, or 1,000 cities around the world, including 120 in Germany, 25+ in France, and 10 in Switzerland.

Our Group represent the parking brands PARK NOW, Parkmobile, Park-line and RingGo.


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