App Update

We are now introducing fingerprint recognition for both iOS and Android. There’s no need to remember your password anymore or lose precious time. You can now log in, and start your parking almost instantly with your fingerprint. But there is more: Winter’s coming! So we gave our Android app a completely new image! For more info: click here


Scheduled maintenance

PLEASE NOTE: This Sunday morning our service is temporarily unavailable for scheduled maintenance. This will not affect running parking actions.  Please contact our helpdesk if you would like to end your parking during this time:

One long(er) press is all it takes

Paying for parking using your smartphone just got even quicker.

With PARK NOW it already was as simple as 1, 2, 3. We now introduce 3D touch for our iOS parking app. Simply long press on the app icon and press “Park here” to start your parking. And when you are ready to leave simply long press again and choose “stop parking” to deactivate your parking session. Paying for parking can be that simple.

There is more

That is not all; we also offer you a quick way to your parking history and invoices. When you are in need of a parking location simply choose search and directly start entering you destination to see if PARK NOW can offer you a simple way to pay for parking at your location.

Owh and do you remember that time when you did not know where you parked your car? We have you covered, simply click “find my car” and we will show a map with your location and that of your car.

Simply download or update your iPhone app to make use of this handy new feature.

Keep in mind you need to be logged in to use this features, this option is only available on iPhones supporting 3DTouch, like iPhone6S and 7 for example.


Download our app

The PARK NOW app is available for Android and iOS as free download in the appstores.

Parking Information Vevey

In the City of Vevey in Place du Marché (zone code 18007) it is from now on necessary to enter the space number of your location. It’s not complicated when using our app.

  1. Open the app;
  2. Press start parking for your location;
  3. A dialog will pop up in which you simply enter the number of your parking space (visible on the ground)

Easy parking payments in the Riviera area with PARK NOW!

From 1st of February, residents and visitors of six Cities near the Leman lake can pay to park with their smartphone. There’s no need to dash to the parking meter in the driving rain, they can now pay for their parking from the comfort of their car.

Paying for parking via smartphone allows great flexibility: motorists in Vevey, Montreux, La Tour-de-Peilz, Blonay, Saint-Légier-la Chiésaz and Corsier sur Vevey can stop their parking session whenever they want or extend their session wherever they are, via the PARK NOW app. (The maximum parking times allowed still apply with PARK NOW) Just pay with your credit card.

PARK NOW will be offered with no additional cost to the user.

Sign up now, it’s free

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PARK NOW Bulle: iOS app soon available!

The PARK NOW app will soon be available for iOS.

In the meantime, you can create an account and pay to park with your smartphone using our website

If you want to know when the PARK NOW app will be made available on the App Store, please send an e-mail to

The easiest way to pay for parking in Bulle

PARK NOW offers an easy, hassle-free parking experience in the City of Bulle. Simply sign up now and start paying for parking using your smartphone and credit card.  It’s free!