The benefits of mobile phone parking

Avoid unnecessary parking fines

With ParkNow you stop your parking when you leave. So no more parking fines because you did not put enough money in the parking machine.

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Save money, pay per minute

The days when you needed to guess how long you’ll stay are over. By using ParkNow to pay for parking you pay for the exact time you parked. You start your parking upon arrival and when you leave simply press stop. No more overpaying!


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No more hunting for change

No more hunting for coins to feed the parking meter. Simply start and stop your parking using your mobile phone. ParkNow automatically collects all parking costs directly from your credit card.

Take away the stress of parking

When visiting a city, parking should be as convenient as possible. At ParkNow we understand that parking starts as soon as you start your journey. So open the App to search for parking in the city you are visiting. Then, Upon arrival, use the App to pay to park. We take the stress out of parking so you can get on with enjoying the rest of your day.

Reminders make life simple

Keep on top of your parking. Make sure that you get all the parking info you need by using ParkNow reminders. Simply opt in or opt out for our sms, e-mail or push reminder service through theAndroid App or your Account Pages.

Simplified expenses administration!

A complete audit trail of all your parking sessions with invoice options to submit with any expense claim for your business parking.

Any car, any time

Got a new or temporary car? Simply add or change your vehicle information through the App and pay to park it.

You are in control

With the ParkNow App you are in control of parking. Whether you need to change your vehicle information, download an invoice, update your personal information or need to search for parking. The ParkNow helps you to take care of parking.

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