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COVID-19 Parking Update

Dear customers and partners,

These are unusual times and extraordinary circumstances as the situation surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19) keeps developing. We would like to keep you informed about how PARK NOW handles this situation.

The health and well-being of our employees, customers and partners is our #1 priority. At PARK NOW, we therefore observe the guidelines of the government. This means that we are all working digitally from home.

Fortunately, digital working is in the veins of our company. As a result, our services continue at the same level as before the new measures were announced. For questions, you can simply contact our customer service or sales team as per usual.

In the coming period, we will also ensure that parking remains quick simple and effortless. We will keep you informed of any changes.

Be safe,

The PARK NOW team

More information: In the current context of COVID-19 pandemic situation, it is highly recommended to stay home and limit moves outside to support containment measures. Many municipalities have already implemented free parking policies and suspended parking fines during this difficult period.

All information relating to Government rules and procedures can be found on Government website.


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How do I recognize and prevent fraud?


Sometimes people will pose as PARK NOW to obtain sensitive information or steal money. We cannot stop this, but we can help you recognize such actions, such as phishing and smishing, in order to prevent possible damage.

How do I recognize fraud?

Fraud comes in different forms and there are several ways to recognise it.

Questions about account information

Fraudsters often try to get your login details via phishing or smishing messages. Think of an email, sms or a phone call which uses the name of PARK NOW and asks for your details. PARK NOW never asks for sensitive information such as your bank details or your login details.

Questions about money

From 1st March 2021, all parking sessions with PARK NOW will be processed in a monthly invoice. The summary of each parking transaction is also available in a pdf format from the App or website. Always be careful with your credit card information. We never ask you to transfer extra money. If in doubt, check the sender’s email address, which should always be Or contact us directly.

With phishing or smishing – fraud that uses a fake email address or sms – you will receive an email or sms similar to how an email or sms from PARK NOW appears, even though PARK NOW didn’t send it. We always send emails from addresses ending with Always check the sender’s email address.

The messages may also include links that seem correct at first glance, but do not go to a PARK NOW website at all. And if you did not expect an invoice but one was sent to you anyway, always contact us.

Language and style

While scammers are getting better at it, you usually still find some errors in the message. A spelling mistake, an old logo… All signs that indicate that it is fraud. Note that messages that look perfect can still be fraud. Therefore, always pay attention to all of the other points. The logo below is the latest PARK NOW logo and is used in our communication.


Social media

False messages can also be spread via social media. Therefore, check whether the messages on social media really come from our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. These are our accounts:

Experienced fraud? Report it to us!

Do you think you received a message from a scammer, or is someone using your account who does not have permission to do so? Report this immediately to customer service. Even if you see something suspicious and have doubts, we would really appreciate it if you share it with us. You can always contact customer service for this.

We are happy to help you and will do everything we can to get you back on the road without any worries.

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I am receiving fee-based reminders by SMS. How can I adjust or deactivate these?

You can change or deactivate your reminder notification settings at any time via your account in the app. Tap ‘Account’ at the bottom of the screen and select ‘Reminders’ under ‘Settings’.

Make sure you don’t forget to end your parking session(s) on time and keep an eye on the maximum parking duration.

You have 3 configurable options in the app:

  • SMS alerts (€ 0.20 per SMS received)
  • email alerts (free)
  • alerts via push notifications (free)

Please do not forget to end your parking on time and keep an eye on the maximum allowed parking duration.

How do I view and edit my personal details?

You can view and edit your personal details at any time via the app. Simply select ‘Account’ at the bottom of your screen. You can then:

  • Update users and vehicles
  • Get an overview of your parking history
  • Access your invoices
  • Update your payment method

If you’re an account sub-user, you can still access your personal customer details. All other information (e.g. payment method, monthly invoices etc.) can only be accessed by the main user of the account.

If you need further support, please contact our customer service team.

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How and when do I receive my invoice?

After you’ve confirmed the purchase of a parking session, you will automatically receive an invoice as proof of purchase on your account. You can view your purchase history at any time by tapping ‘Activity’ at the bottom of your screen.

How do I pay for my parking fees?

Any parking costs and service fees incurred will automatically be billed via your chosen payment method on a monthly basis.

At any time, you can tap ‘Activity’ at the bottom of your screen to view your parking history and transactions.

You can also assign notes to each individual parking action. This makes it easier to keep track of your parking actions for reference.

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What is mobile cashless parking?

Mobile parking is the cashless and ticketless handling of parking actions on-street. Instead of searching for change and a parking meter, you can now simply start and stop your parking at the touch of a button with the PARK NOW app (on iOS and Android app) or through a simple phone call.

What is PARK NOW?

PARK NOW redefines parking. Our aim is to achieve easy and stress-free parking, without the hassle of finding change to pay for your parking, be it on- or off-street. With the help of our PARK NOW Parking app, you can find parking close-by and pay without having to use cash.

Furthermore, you can activate and end your parking action with the touch of a button. No longer will you need to make a detour to find parking-ticket machines in car parks. Your parking history can be viewed within the app or through your personal account online. Parking couldn’t be more convenient.

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On-street parking

How does PARK NOW function on-street?

On-street parking with PARK NOW is easy and cashless. You can start and stop your parking through the PARK NOWiOS app or  Android app, via phone call the mobile webpage.

The enforcement officer will check your license plate to see if you paid for parking.

Where can I find the zone number of my parking location?

Using the PARK NOW app and GPS localization, a zone is automatically chosen for your current location. Please check if the automatically selected zone number is correct and adjust if necessary. You can find the zone number on a sticker / sign at the parking meter.

Please note that at the border of two zones GPS locating can be slightly incorrect on your smartphone. PARK NOW cannot be held responsible for any parking tickets issued due to an incorrect zone choice.

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Couldn’t you find the answer to your question in the FAQ’s? Contact us!

Our customer service is happy to support.

Write us

Call us | +41 (0)21 575 00 12


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Where can I download the PARK NOW App?

Download the PARK NOW app for free for

If you do not have a smartphone we offer you other ways to simply pay for parking. For example using our website or by simply calling 021 575 00 11.


How can I login to the app?

Having completed the registration process through the website or app, you can login to your personal account with the mobile phone number or e-mail address you provided when you registered. If you have forgotten your password, please select “forgotten password” to reset or change your password through “account” at any time. We advise you to regularly update your password.

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How much does PARK NOW cost and what are the different packages?

Parking fees vary among the different on-street locations and car parks.

In Switzerland we offer you the discovery package, this is a friendly way to use our service without a convenience or registration fee. For your convenience we offer you reminder message in regards to your parking, these text message cost CHF 0.20. For example every 2 hours we send you a text if you have an active parking session, convenient to remind you of active parking.

We will introduce other packages in the months to come, packages that offer more features, flexibility and options. You can find a detailed overview of our offering here.

Does PARK NOW charge a registration fee?

You can sign up for free at any time. No fees will arise during registration. You can find a detailed overview of our pricing here.

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Can I join PARK NOW as a business user?

Yes. You can use PARK NOW as private or business user. During registration, choose the option “business” for business users. With the discovery package you can add one user and two vehicles per account.

We will introduce other packages in the months to come, packages that offer more features, flexibility and options. You can find a detailed overview of our offering here.

How do I sign up with PARK NOW?

You can sign up directly within the PARK NOW iOS or Android app or through our website.

Sign up now, it’s free of charge.

You need your mobile phone number, license plate and creditcard details.

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