Parking in Blonay

Paying for parking in Blonay is now possible via smartphone with PARK NOW!

Experience a new way of making your everyday life easier! Are you visiting downtown Vevey? Pay for your parking quickly and easily using your smartphone and a credit card. Get easy, hassle-free parking with PARK NOW in Blonay!

Why pay for parking via PARK NOW?

  • No more hunting for change
  • No more overpaying for parking
  • Avoid parking fines

Where is PARK NOW available?

PARK NOW lets you pay for parking on all streets with paid parking in Blonay. Please note that the maximum time allowed in paid zone still apply when you pay with PARK NOW.

Patrolling officers can check that a vehicle has a valid virtual ticket in real-time from the PARK NOW database.

For more information on paid parking, please consult Cartoriviera’s website.

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PARK NOW is offered in conjunction with the ASR which supervises paid parking within the Rieviera territory.

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