Tips for touch-free solutions when on the go again

Safe shopping starts with safe parking

In the coming weeks, we can carefully start getting back on track. The new social distance way of lifeAre you looking forward to it as much as we are? To ensure that you can fully enjoy your renewed freedom, we wanted to share some tips.  

1. Good preparation is half the battle

Before stepping in your car to go to the city or office, it’s good to make some preparations. Do you normally always have an umbrella and a shopping bag in the car? Why not add some anti-corona items to the car in the near future also 

Our advice would be to add: 

  • Alcohol gel within reach
  • Cleaning wipes in your glove compartment
  • Handkerchiefs in the middle compartment
  • Disposable gloves in the glove compartment for when you need to refuel.

 Would you rather be a little better prepared? Then put some face masks in your car too. You never know when they could come in handy.

2. Prevention is better than cure

What you do not touchhas less risk of infecting you. With everything, infact prevention is better than cure. So think carefully before you touch anything. Is it really necessary 

This way you can put on a glove when refueling. Payment is safest via contactless. In the Netherlands, banks have already doubled the daily limit for contactless payments to 50 euros per day. Fortunately, there are also contactless digital solutions, such as Apple Pay and Garmin Pay. Use it to your advantage!  

3. Let quietness beat the rush  

1 metre social distancing is our new normal. And keeping distance is very easy to do with few people about. But more and more people are letting the measures slide. They go out more often than the weeks previous. This makes it even more important to keep your distance.  

If you travel by train, arrive early and walk down the platform before boarding. Before leaving, check your balance online or buy your ticket onlineso that you can bypass the ticket machine. Where before Corona we often sought for the fastest route, we will now have to seek quietnessTry to avoid physical contact with other people as much as you can. Give each other space. 

4. Once at your destination

You are where you want to be, your favorite shopping street, your friends’ place or that nice work appointment. It feels like a lifetime ago. Chances are that you are so happy to have a piece of your old life back, that you forget your 1 metre social distance. Oops! 

To avoid that happening, we want to remind you Wash your hands on arrival. Avoid physical contact with others. It sounds cold and it can beTherefore remember to practice your best smile! This way you can show your friends, colleagues or even strangers on the street that you are happy to see them. 

And if you park your car, don’t forget to turn on our app. The last thing you want is to touch that dirty parking machine.  

Pay attention to our words: contactless could become a quite a thing this year. 

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