This document describes how ParkNow Switzerland Ltd, having its registered office in Bulle, Switzerland, listed in the Register of Commerce under the IDE number CHE-245.686.966 (“ParkNow”), processes personal data. This privacy policy describes the personal data that we process when you visit the website at or use mobile variations (such as the app) and services affiliated with ParkNow (hereinafter: “Services”), and the purposes for which ParkNow does so. The processing for purposes of ParkNow Switzerland Ltd. is governed the Federal Act on Data Protection (FADP).

1. Use of personal data

1.1 We (may) use personal data if a person:

  • (a) is a supplier;
  • (b) uses the Services;
  • (c) creates an account;
  • (d) registers for our newsletter;
  • (e) contacts us using the contact form or otherwise communicates.

1.2 In addition, we use the following means to collect and use personal data about visitors to the website (to the extent being personal data):

  • (a) IP address registrations;
  • (b) cookies.

1.3 When a person registers with ParkNow, we request personal data in order to create an account by going through the registration process.

1.4 We collect the following personal data:

  • (a) type of client (private or business);
  • (b) gender;
  • (c) given name;
  • (d) family name;
  • (e) email address;
  • (f) date of birth;
  • (g) postcode;
  • (h) number + suffix;
  • (i) street;
  • (j) city;
  • (k) your vehicle registration number(s);
  • (l) mobile telephone number(s);
  • (m) payment method, e.g. IBAN, Paypal or credit card. These personal data are securely stored in a non-public database;
  • (n) location data;
  • (o) data on your transactions, appointments and use of the Services;
  • (p) data on your preferences;
  • (q) data on your use of other (affiliated) websites.

1.5 We use these data, among other things, to:

  • (a) carry out transactions, provide the Services;
  • (b) distribute newsletters;
  • (c) make or maintain contact by email, telephone, post, push or text message;
  • (d) analyze and improve our services;
  • (e) optimize our services, the website or the app;
  • (f) develop direct-marketing activities;
  • (g) improve parking facilities.

2. Use of cookies

2.1 On our website we use cookies. For more information on cookies and how to adjust your consent to the use thereof, please refer to our Cookie page.

3. Your rights (Information, change, objection, revocation of consent)

3.1 You may contact us at reasonable intervals for:

  • (a) more information on the way we process personal data;
  • (b) questions about this privacy policy;
  • (c) access to the personal data processed by us in respect of the personal account, for which ParkNow may charge a reasonable fee;
  • (d) objection to our use of personal data.

3.2 Consent to other processing of personal data may be revoked by terminating the account. This may be done as indicated in the General Conditions. The account will not be terminated until expiry of the end date. After removal of the account, the user can no longer log on as a ParkNow client. Moreover, any personal data collected by us will be lost.


We will not retain personal data any longer than necessary, given the provision of the Services, the type of personal data and our related justified interests.


5.1 We may engage third parties to support our services, e.g. third parties active in the field of settlement of financial transactions, hosting providers, application providers and other service providers that process personal data. Any such parties will act under the responsibility of ParkNow as processors for ParkNow and will, for that reason, be under the obligation to keep your personal data secret. In addition, you hereby consent to the transfer of your personal data by ParkNow to any entities affiliated to ParkNow, notably abroad (which might be located within or outside the European Union) in connection with the performance of the Services.
5.2 Contrary to the provisions of article 5.1, we will not transfer any further personal data to third parties, unless required to do so by law or by an order of the court, including a law enforcement authority. We may also transfer data to third parties with a view to the protection of our justified interest, such as the detection or combat of (potential) criminal offences or the defence of our rights and the protection of our interests, however only to the extent permitted by law.
5.3 If any personal data will be processed abroad by or on behalf of our services, you will be notified.

6. NOTIFICATION OF Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner

In the unlooked-for event that, despite our security measures, our security is breached, and such breach leads to (the risk of) substantially serious adverse consequences for the protection of personal data, the Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner or any other competent authority will be notified.

7. NOTIFICATION OF data subject

In the event of breach of our security, the data subjects will be notified if the breach is likely to have adverse consequences for the privacy.

8. changes to privacy policy

The policy set forth herein for the use of personal data is subject to future change. Therefore, we recommend that you view our privacy policy on a regular basis.

9. Interpretation

In case of any discrepancies between the French version and any translation of this policy (notably the English or German version) which is made available to the user, in particular on the ParkNow website, the French version shall prevail.

Most recently updated: 5 November 2016